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ultimate players during a drill

What Are The Best Lifts To Train For Ultimate?

In 2015, I wrote in a letter to Texas Showdown that ultimate players were, on average, too weak. “Too weak” referred to weight lifted in the powerlifts, the Olympic lifts, and bodyweight strength standards like the pushup and pullup. Ultimate players, in my mind, had…

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athlete lunges with kettlebells

Why Speed and Endurance Training Cannot Be Mixed

Like most, I love cake. Given the opportunity, I would probably have it every day. At the same time, I love bourbon. If it were feasible, I would probably have it every day as well. From a health perspective, the combination of cake and bourbon…

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Being Irrational About Steroids

I’m interested in starting a few fights about this. I was and am the prototypical “good kid” in sports. I have never cheated (“intentionally or unintentionally willingly violated established rules”) in a game. I have never taken any nutritional supplement other than whey protein, fish oil, and minerals….

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hurdles on a green track

Training Around Pain and Faster Rehab (Part 1)

In July 2014, I decided to be an idiot. First, this is a story of being stupid in training and not listening to your body. Second, this is my story of recovering despite being stupid. June 25, 2014: I met with a local track coach…

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athlete stretching

Training Around Pain and Faster Rehab (Part 0)

(Preface: When a college student nears finals, it’s as if they’ve disappeared off the face of the earth. They read; take notes; rehearse; neglect sleep, water, food, and company; bury themselves in the academic task ahead. Okay, first, clearly college is an unhealthy experience since this…

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