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ultimate players during a drill

What Are The Best Lifts To Train For Ultimate?

In 2015, I wrote in a letter to Texas Showdown that ultimate players were, on average, too weak. “Too weak” referred to weight lifted in the powerlifts, the Olympic lifts, and bodyweight strength standards like the pushup and pullup. Ultimate players, in my mind, had…

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athlete lunges with kettlebells

Why Speed and Endurance Training Cannot Be Mixed

Like most, I love cake. Given the opportunity, I would probably have it every day. At the same time, I love bourbon. If it were feasible, I would probably have it every day as well. From a health perspective, the combination of cake and bourbon…

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drawing of nervous system

Why Is Strength Important For Athletes?

ATX Speed and Strength is about making athletes stronger, faster, leaner and better on the field of play. My training method focuses on making an athlete as strong as possible in the least time and using the least energy. That way, an athlete has plenty…

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pillow with words printed

How to Progress Faster in Strength Training

Progress in strength training for athletes is about momentum. When athletes ask me about lifting programs to get better in their sport, I always reply with three words, in the same order: Consistency Volume Intensity For an athlete new to strength training, “just lifting” three times per…

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person napping on grass

5 Key Things To Do After Your Season Ends

After four or more years devoted to it, which includes thousands of hours of practice and hundreds of hours of competition, it’s probably safe to assume you love your sport. That means you get amped up for the first match of the season and you…

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