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Should I Hire a Strength Coach?

In the previous article, I explored who you should turn to for help when you want to improve as a player. Some athletes are now asking: What, exactly, can a strength & conditioning coach do for me? This may be the closest I ever come…

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Being Irrational About Steroids

I’m interested in starting a few fights about this. I was and am the prototypical “good kid” in sports. I have never cheated (“intentionally or unintentionally willingly violated established rules”) in a game. I have never taken any nutritional supplement other than whey protein, fish oil, and minerals….

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tired athlete bent over

Will Playing Sports Help Me Lose Weight?

Sport activities are frequently offered up as “great ways to lose a few pounds” or as positive social experiences within a fitness regimen. Both of those things are absolutely true. I encourage anyone involved in a fat loss effort – really, anyone who wants to…

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meat and vegetables meal

How Do I Fix My Diet?

Allow me to be short and to the point today, instead of verbose and hostile, as I usually am. People in the fitness industry get too wrapped up in defining “best” for every topic – best protein supplement (unnecessary), best routine for fat loss (varies),…

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person napping on grass

5 Key Things To Do After Your Season Ends

After four or more years devoted to it, which includes thousands of hours of practice and hundreds of hours of competition, it’s probably safe to assume you love your sport. That means you get amped up for the first match of the season and you…

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