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How Can I Get To The Next Level?

Hustling like a hamster If you’ve been playing for a few years, whether this is your third season as a club practice player or your eighth season getting buried in pool play at Nationals, you know how frustrating it is to be stuck. You want…

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ultimate players during a drill

What Are The Best Lifts To Train For Ultimate?

In 2015, I wrote in a letter to Texas Showdown that ultimate players were, on average, too weak. “Too weak” referred to weight lifted in the powerlifts, the Olympic lifts, and bodyweight strength standards like the pushup and pullup. Ultimate players, in my mind, had…

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ATX Speed Training Philosophy pt 1

I have a proven method for getting worse at all sports, which I call 5 Ways to Suck at Sports: Practice inconsistently (or not at all) Get (or stay) fat Ignore the health and function of your body Idolize elite players Pretend your skills are…

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Dunte Hector sprinting

How to Improve Faster at Sport Skills

As a rugby player for Texas Tech University, I made more progress as a lifter and player than I have ever made in any athletic endeavor, before or since. My weight room numbers exploded and my playing stats did as well. It was my third…

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athlete lunges with kettlebells

Why Speed and Endurance Training Cannot Be Mixed

Like most, I love cake. Given the opportunity, I would probably have it every day. At the same time, I love bourbon. If it were feasible, I would probably have it every day as well. From a health perspective, the combination of cake and bourbon…

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