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Dunte Hector sprinting

How to Improve Faster at Sport Skills

As a rugby player for Texas Tech University, I made more progress as a lifter and player than I have ever made in any athletic endeavor, before or since. My weight room numbers exploded and my playing stats did as well. It was my third…

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Charles Barkley in Space Jam

Should I Choose a Coach or Personal Trainer?

There are two types of athletes: those who play for fun and those who play to win. The distinction determines what type of help you should seek if you desire to get better. I commented on Melissa Witmer’s Skyd article “Ultimate’s CrossFit Problem” that ultimate players…

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timeline of development sequence

How to Become an Elite Athlete

There are a few quotes about this which I love: “Little and often, over the long haul.” (Dan John quoting Ralph Maughan) “The elite are better at the basics than everyone else.” (MSgt. Duaune Stanton, quoted in Enter the Kettlebell) Look, everyone wants to be…

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tired athlete bent over

Will Playing Sports Help Me Lose Weight?

Sport activities are frequently offered up as “great ways to lose a few pounds” or as positive social experiences within a fitness regimen. Both of those things are absolutely true. I encourage anyone involved in a fat loss effort – really, anyone who wants to…

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pole vaulter running

Beginners Set PRs…

…and experienced athletes win. Those are points of focus I remember from a Gary Winckler article. The great difficulty of a carefully measured sport is the pressure put on competitors to, at once, be the best in their field of peers that day and the…

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