Summer Athlete Spotlight: Mizpah

A coach is occasionally fortunate enough to encounter a potential champion and spend time guiding their growth. Mizpah is that champion. I am that fortunate coach.


It’s not hard to find things to say about Mizpah.

Two-time AFM FITTEST age-group champion.

Former kickboxer turned boot camp instructor turned weightlifter turned sprinter.

Wife and mother.

She has made multiple athletic comebacks from hamstring pulls and shoulder separations.

She is actively working to overcome and manage lupus disease, using training and proper diet.

She is ambitious (three-peat at AFM?), driven (chasing a double-bodyweight deadlift), detail-oriented (masters technique and writes down everything!), and talented (won her first AFM title after collapsing during the final event).

Mizpah hill sprinting to prepare for AFM Fittest 2015
Mizpah hill sprinting to prepare for AFM Fittest 2015

Mizpah is a warrior.

She trains around injuries, does the prehab and stretching work to prevent injuries, and gives her athletic goals her full focus.

Mizpah is a student.

She reads articles and blogs about athletes who have become champions, who have overcome disease and injury, who have balanced work, family, and competition. She takes notes, she asks questions, she watches videos, she goes to workshops.

Spotlight athlete Mizpah deadlifting

Mizpah is committed.

And her commitment to training at ATX Speed and Strength, her willingness to share her triumphs with me, her adaptability and dedication to the process…all of that  makes Mizpah the ATX Speed and Strength Summer Athlete of 2015.

I hope I’m fortunate enough to continue training a champion like her.

Dunte Hector with Mizpah and AFM finisher Larry
Mizpah with AFM finisher and training partner, Larry M.

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