Spring Athlete Spotlight: Sarah

The phrase for an athlete like Sarah, known as “Slev” to her Ultimate teammates, is “Coach’s Dream.”

Sarah working an agility drill
Sarah working an agility drill

She walked into my facility in January with a simple objective:

“I want to be the best prepared on my team and set an example for new players.

“We’ve made it to playoffs two years in a row but haven’t taken a championship, and I think I can lead by example and we can change it.

“I need to be faster, build some upper body strength, get better at my defensive positions. I don’t know anything about lifting, but I’m willing to learn.”

Learn she has. She came to me pretty strong from her years of lacrosse and Ultimate – 2 reps of 170 pound deadlifts on our 3rd day together – but with little core strength or speed skill. Those first weeks were full of kneeling pushups, marching & posture drills, planks, farmer walks, and kettlebell swings.

Now, just 4 months into our work together and with the competitive season rapidly approaching, she pulls 5+ reps at 225 pounds in the deadlift, does full push-ups for sets of 10, and crushes sprints, whether on hills or flat ground. She changes direction aggressively and precisely, has added 30 inches to her 3-Jump, and has a routine in place for eating, recovery, and training throughout the week.

But being a highlighted athlete at ATX Speed and Strength isn’t about numbers.
(No matter how much fun as it is to brag about Slev!)

Slev has demonstrated monstrous work ethic. I have to actively hold her back from doing one more rep, pushing a little harder, cutting down rest intervals. She asks dozens of questions about our training – when to push, when to relax, how to recover faster, how to warm-up thoroughly, how to identify her weaknesses. Not only does she ask, but she takes action.

Don’t misunderstand: Slev isn’t perfect. She doesn’t always make time to eat enough, occasionally skips her homework, and has neglected an ice bath or two. She has hit abbreviated warm-ups before matches which has sometimes hurt her on-field performance and has neglected to tell me about 3-4 hours of extra playing time with the college kids. But she takes responsibility for her actions (and in actions) and responds to feedback very well.

Slev is a model athlete for ATX Speed and Strength and her results tell the final story about our work together.

Very nice work so far, Slev. I look forward to seeing you crush this Ultimate season and to helping you prepare for beach play!

Follow Slev’s elite club Ultimate team, Showdown, on Twitter (@txshowdown) and Facebook.


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