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Spring Athlete Spotlight: Sarah

The phrase for an athlete like Sarah, known as “Slev” to her Ultimate teammates, is “Coach’s Dream.” She walked into my facility in January with a simple objective: “I want to be the best prepared on my team and set an example for new players….

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How to Recover Between Games at a Tournament

Weekend Warriors love sports that play tournaments or have long competition days. From a time investment standpoint, it makes perfect sense. Which arrangement offers a more enjoyable sport experience? Drive 2+ hours to competition site 1-2 hours for registration, check-in, equipment check, finding a spot…

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Who Are The Weekend Warriors?

ATX Speed and Strength is about making Weekend Warriors faster, stronger, and leaner. The Weekend Warrior has a full-time LIFE, yet also wants to achieve as an athlete, whether that’s in sanctioned sport or in the Beer Leagues. That’s probably a fine definition, but  who exactly is the…

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