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Summer Athlete Spotlight: Mizpah

A coach is occasionally fortunate enough to encounter a potential champion and spend time guiding their growth. Mizpah is that champion. I am that fortunate coach. It’s not hard to find things to say about Mizpah. Two-time AFM FITTEST age-group champion. Former kickboxer turned boot camp instructor…

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How Do I Fix My Diet?

Allow me to be short and to the point today, instead of verbose and hostile, as I usually am. People in the fitness industry get too wrapped up in defining “best” for every topic – best protein supplement (unnecessary), best routine for fat loss (varies),…

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How to Progress Faster in Strength Training

Progress in strength training for athletes is about momentum. When athletes ask me about lifting programs to get better in their sport, I always reply with three words, in the same order: Consistency Volume Intensity For an athlete new to strength training, “just lifting” three times per…

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5 Key Things To Do After Your Season Ends

After four or more years devoted to it, which includes thousands of hours of practice and hundreds of hours of competition, it’s probably safe to assume you love your sport. That means you get amped up for the first match of the season and you…

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Weekend Warriors Do Not Overtrain

Sometimes you don’t want to train or compete. But when “sometimes” becomes “most of the time,” it’s already far too late to salvage your performance. Lots of writers wax poetic about overtraining syndrome and suggest this feeling is it. I would rather be straight with…

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