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Being Irrational About Steroids

I’m interested in starting a few fights about this. I was and am the prototypical “good kid” in sports. I have never cheated (“intentionally or unintentionally willingly violated established rules”) in a game. I have never taken any nutritional supplement other than whey protein, fish oil, and minerals….

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hurdles on a green track

Training Around Pain and Faster Rehab (Part 1)

In July 2014, I decided to be an idiot. First, this is a story of being stupid in training and not listening to your body. Second, this is my story of recovering despite being stupid. June 25, 2014: I met with a local track coach…

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four leaf clover

One Size Fits One…Once

I struggle with writing long-term training programs. I throw tantrums when I try to write season-long plans for whole teams. Frankly, I’ve nearly come to tears over what I should do on the track myself on any random Wednesday. See, programming is hard. Oh, it’s…

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athlete stretching

Training Around Pain and Faster Rehab (Part 0)

(Preface: When a college student nears finals, it’s as if they’ve disappeared off the face of the earth. They read; take notes; rehearse; neglect sleep, water, food, and company; bury themselves in the academic task ahead. Okay, first, clearly college is an unhealthy experience since this…

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athlete catching flying disc

Is CrossFit Good Training for My Sport?

I took a personality test recently that suggests I enjoy arguing. I have the mentality that spirited debate is a sport to be played aggressively. This can sometimes be confrontational and less-than-productive, but arguing about training makes me evaluate my own coaching methods. This all started…

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