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athlete lunges with kettlebells

Why Speed and Endurance Training Cannot Be Mixed

Like most, I love cake. Given the opportunity, I would probably have it every day. At the same time, I love bourbon. If it were feasible, I would probably have it every day as well. From a health perspective, the combination of cake and bourbon…

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ultimate players during a drill

Should I Hire a Strength Coach?

In the previous article, I explored who you should turn to for help when you want to improve as a player. Some athletes are now asking: What, exactly, can a strength & conditioning coach do for me? This may be the closest I ever come…

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Charles Barkley in Space Jam

Should I Choose a Coach or Personal Trainer?

There are two types of athletes: those who play for fun and those who play to win. The distinction determines what type of help you should seek if you desire to get better. I commented on Melissa Witmer’s Skyd article “Ultimate’s CrossFit Problem” that ultimate players…

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How to Run Faster

An Informal Study of the Physics of Running Fast and Becoming Faster In my last article, I was out to reveal the lie being sold in the Speed-Agility-Quickness industry. With that behind us, the question looms: How do you really get faster? In an effort to be concise,…

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agility ladder drill

The LIE of the Speed-Agility-Quickness Industry

A coach in the UK sent me the following question on Facebook last week: After reading Do Agility Drills Create Better Athletes? (an article I wrote for Onnit in 2015), I was wondering – do you have any references to back up the article? I am trying make…

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